Here are some topics I’m interested in, linked to my pages or websites where you can learn more.

Blending Interests

I have a lot of interests, yet I find they often work together for a common purpose, project, or outcome. For example, I’m interested in tiny houses. In promoting simpler and smaller living, I’ve used my skills as a web designer and my experience with advertising and marketing to build a grass roots organization of about 20,000 people. In making websites about small houses, I rely on my photography skills to create engaging images. All of this work is done on computers that need to be operating at their peak with the best software for the job, so I rely on my computer and technology experience for that.

So while it may look like I’m going in many different directions, I’m actually fairly focused and drawing on various skills to achieve a goal and pursue a desired outcome.

Life Map

I have an ongoing interest in a few areas of life that I refer to as a life map:

  • Lifeways – These are the philosophical and religious belief systems we all have.
  • Health – Optimal wellness is the foundation for everything else in life.
  • Career – Building upon our education, knowledge, wisdom, skills, and abilities is essential for serving others and doing good in the world.
  • Finances – The above areas of life allow us to produce wealth that can be used to enhance our own life and help others. I have an ongoing interest in learning how a person can be more effective at earning more money while spending effectively.
  • Relationships – Assuming all the above areas of life are in order, we’re able to give more fully to those around us and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Activism – It’s not enough to just enjoy the world we inherit. We should have a positive impact in the world that we pass on to the next generation.
  • Effectiveness – With mindfulness, we can look for ways to continually improve our approach to above mentioned.

These are the areas I hope to grow in, and support others in. Most of what I do fits into some category above. For example, small houses can benefit the environment, and the simple living they inspire can help people live more effectively. I occasionally reflect on how I’m spending my time and energy, and during those times I ask myself what area of life is being enhanced by what I’m doing at a given moment.


I write articles on various topics that get posted to different websites. All writings and news are announced through my Twitter feed regardless of topic, along with short musings and Instagram posts. For topic specific news, visit my topic-centric websites. A few of the featured sites are: