In my view, advertising should be informative, transparent, honest, and authentic. Advertising should educate, entertain, and inspire us. Public service announcements are an example of advertising that serves the greater good, and some advertising offers a fusion of PSA and traditional advertising by embedding humor or inspiration in the message.

When I help individuals, organizations, and businesses promote their products and services, I look for ways to deliver an attractive message to those who will likely be interested. With skilled use of social media, it’s easier to reach a target audience of people who will be interested in a specific produce or service.

In addition to utilizing targeted advertising and demographic data, I have created online communities that are welcoming and open to relevant news and information about topics they are interested in. Some of these audiences number in the thousands, and have been established over many years.

You may notice that some of the photography I post online contains text links to artists, organizations, and local businesses. This isn’t paid work, but it’s just my effort to promote and support the people, organizations, and businesses that inspire me.