Here I share woodworking projects that I’ve completed and some that I plan for the future.

Woodworking Projects

  • Bike Carry Boxes. This project involves creating a rear rack mountable bicycle rack with side and top storage. The ‘saddle-style’ mounted all-in-one unit would be designed to accommodate abundant storage. Top and side door openings make it possible to have smaller chambers and cubbies for tools and other smaller items to avoid digging down to the bottom of a traditional bike bag. These boxes can be secured to the bike rack and bike frame to provide extra security, along with locking doors.
  • Charity Box. This is a small donation box designed to be used at home for saving coins that will be given to charity. [Video]
  • Clothes Pin. This is a simple project that involves taking a wooden clothes pin and cutting about 1/4 inch from one side of the clip. Then using a small drill bit to make a hole in the longer clip and run a nail or screw through it to hold it on the wall or on a wooden runner. This can be for holding small items or papers.
  • Computer Display Stand. This project involves creating a computer display stand either to specific measurements or adjustable for different viewing heights. The stand should have sufficient room underneath for storing a mouse and keyboard, or a laptop computer. Cable management features and power outlets could be options.
  • Computer Enclosure. This is a computer enclosure for a small computer such as a Raspberry Pi or NUC (Next Unit of Computing). This enclosure could be used with the computer display stand described above so that the stand would have a computer built-in and only need a display. This enclosure can feature cable management and additional cooling capabilities.
  • Desk Hutch. This hutch project would be modifiable depending on the situation. Cubbies and shelves would be designed and adapted as needed.
  • Desk Organizer. The desk organizer is similar to the hutch concept but smaller. It could be made to stand horizontal or sit flat for holding office supplies.
  • Desk Shelving Unit. This can be designed to be very small or as large as needed.
  • Driving Seatbelt Clip. This is a simple but very useful device. For people who find that their seat belt pulls too tightly from the retraction spring, this device provides a clamp to keep the belt adjusted comfortably. The clamp goes on the belt and keeps it from fully retracting. The belt should still extend properly and the clip should not impede belt function. The clip should be designed in a way with no sharp pieces that might scratch. Note: Due to liability and safety concerns, one should use caution when modifying automotive safety features and do so at your own risk.
  • Door Wedge. This is a simple wooden door wedge. Having a custom designed wedge ensures it’s the right size and shape.
  • Wall Shelf. This surface mountable shelf, sometimes referred to as a floating shelf, is designed to be just the right size for keys, decorative items, or other small objects.


As they become available, videos of projects will be listed below alphabetical order.

Charity Box

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikY5q63ek-s?rel=0]

Automobile Seat Belt Retainer Clip

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs-FuPLD5fM?rel=0&w=1280&h=720]