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20100104tu-gregory-johnson-by-makur-jain-IMG_1164-198x198-squareWelcome to my home on the web. Like other people, I have content and profile pages on various websites and social networks. Those sites have their own focus and are limited in how you can organize and present information. So, I created this website as a single centralized hub for connecting to everything in my online and offline life. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or needs. Thanks!

Tech Support

Feel free to contact me by phone or email for tech support. Or, just schedule a time.

Featured Photography

Each week I feature selected photos from the week. Let me know if you’d like prints of any photos and I’ll be happy to provide them.

University of Iowa

Most people know me from my work at the University of Iowa. My old employee bio page is available here for reference, and to help people find me easier in a Google search.

Recent Website Visitors

I want to thank everyone who stops by to visit my site and share it with others. The maps below show recent visitors to the site. Click a map for a larger view.

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I’ve been curating some really inspiring and uplifting content lately and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and my various websites. With 797 ‘friends’ on Facebook, and thousands of ‘followers’ elsewhere, my content should reach thousands of people. Yet lately I’ve only been getting a few ‘likes’ per post, and often more likes than actual visits … Continue reading Please Take My Social Survey: “Does anyone read my content?” – February 2017

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