I started taking piano lessons at a young age, and over the years developed a love of music and composition. You can find some of my songs on my SoundCloud page.

Below are some titles listed chronologically with the most recent at the top. Some of these songs, I composed to be playable as a loop. When played continually, repeatedly, it’s not possible to hear the break from the end of the song to the beginning. The intention was to create the ability to play the song for any duration desired. The more recent songs have more elaborate fuller sounding instrumentals due to the evolution of the production software. Some of these songs were similar to a demonstration and inventory of new instrument sounds and effects at the time. The links open Soundcloud which may include some advertising prior to playing.

  • Mineral Sky, 12 Nov 2018 [Listen]
  • Logistics, 9 Nov 2017 [Listen]
  • Eastern Sky, 5 Nov 2017 [Listen]
  • Star Sight, 4 Nov 2017 [Listen]
  • Set Free, 2 Nov 2017 [Listen] — This recording is almost 8 minutes long and in it I used many of the digital instruments, drum tracks, sound effects, and loops that became available at the time for the GarageBand multitrack software on the iPhone and iPad. It is essentially an inventory of my favorite sounds at the time.
  • Dirt Trail, 17 Sep 2017 [Listen]
  • Chill, 10 Sep 2017 [Listen]
  • Skate, 7 Sep 2017 [Listen]
  • Travel, 15 Dec 2012 [Listen] — This song uses a digital acoustic guitar sound with assisted chords.
  • No Fly Zone, 13 Apr 2012 [Listen] — This song uses some pitch bend on the guitar playing.
  • Trail Mix, 21 Jan 2012 [Listen] — This song uses digital acoustic guitar and drum sounds. The method is to make it sound unpolished with some incorrect notes, and notes being corrected during play.
  • Going Forth, 13 Mar 2011 [Listen] — This song has some wondering harmonies that come together and then separate.

My Process

In this video I describe my music composition process using Apple GarageBand.

Heart Songs

I find inspiration from musicians in a variety of genres. In the 1970s and 1980s, I would make mix tapes of my favorite songs for any given year. By the year 2000, I was using CDs for making collections of favorite songs. I began offering these annual collections as Heart Songs each year and giving them as gifts. With the launch of Apple iTunes, I began posting monthly selections and then choosing the bests from those to make an annual playlist. I created some music collections that were designed to induce relaxation and others that were to motivate.

Inspiring Music Videos

I’m always been inspired by the fusion of high quality video and exceptional music. So, on 21 February 2011, I launched a website dedicated to Inspiring Music Videos along with an Inspiring Music Videos Facebook page.

Musician Websites

I’ve wanted to become more familiar with the growing industry of independent musicians who write, mix, produce, promote, and sell their own music all without traditional labels, producers, agents, or stores. So, I’ve signed up with the following services:

Document History

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