Another DIY Glucose Stress Test

Saturday, 28 March 2015 @ 5:26 PM. Another DIY glucose stress test. This time over 200 grams of carbs consumed including chips with nachos and a 380 calorie candy bar with 50 grams of carbs. These are amazing results only a few hours later with no physical activity. Click here to learn more.

20150328sa-blood-sugar-glucose-stress-test Wellness and Weight Loss Website


I recently remodeled my Wellness and Weight Loss website.

I’ve not been as active with the weight loss challenge in recent months, but am returning to the program this month.

To follow along, you can subscribe on the website or Like the Super Shrink Me Facebook page.

I’ll be sharing my approach to wellness and weight loss along with articles about cooking, food preparation, exercise, and new health tracking technologies. It’s everything I’ve learned about wellness and weight loss over about 30 years.

~ Greg