Greg Johnson – Monthly Update 201805


Personal Update 201805 | 31 May 2018 | Thursday


I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for taking a moment to read my latest update.



Each month I try to do a ‘deep-dive’ into a subject. In past months topics have included investing, wellness, cryptocurrency, and audio systems. This month I spent some time researching cameras in an effort to upgrade my photography equipment. Of all the content I create (video, photos, music, and articles) the most popular seems to be photos. So, in response to that, I want to produce higher quality photos for print or sharing online. In addition to using photos for entertainment, and some paid professional work, I also use photos for backgrounds and graphic design accents on websites I design.

You can read some of the articles from this past month about photography on the web page by scrolling down on that page. Mostly you’ll find some camera reviews there. Much of what I wrote was based on discussions and emails with my brother Sherman who really helped in the research process. Thanks, Sherman!

Over the past 7 years, my camera gear has included a smartphone, a superzoom compact camera, and a DSLR camera. Over that time, I’ve continued to upgrade the equipment in each category.

There are many snapshots for which a smartphone is a perfect choice. Taking photos of receipts or getting adequate quality photos from events for sharing. With nicer cameras available in smartphones, they are serving a higher percentage of photography needs.

The superzoom camera is nice for wildlife photography, architecture, and close-ups of flowers. A powerful telephoto lens for a DLSR camera can cost $1,000 to $20,000. The superzoom compact camera fits in your shirt pocket and provides similar telephoto zoom capabilities for about $400-$500. It’s also smaller and lighter than a telephoto DSLR lens. However, as you might imagine, the resulting photos aren’t as crisp as what a DSLR can offer.

I’ve been using the same DSLR camera since 2010. It’s been limited in features and the quality of the photos isn’t as good as they could be. So, this month I swapped that camera out for a full-frame DSLR. I’m looking forward to creating some higher quality photos to share.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve spent a lot of time on my bicycle commuting and also riding trails for enjoyment. Photography is a big part of that experience. Between bike rides and wilderness hiking, some weeks I would have hundreds of photos. My goal has been to share weekly collections of photos, but I got behind on that. This year I hope to do better keeping up with photo sharing.


I’ve continually been researching and experimenting with and developing exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness systems. With nicer summer weather upon us, I’m hoping to get back into some outdoor activities that were hampered during the winter months. I’ve settled in on a workout that I do most days fairly consistently (strength training and cardio), and I have a nutrition program I want to focus on that requires a lot of discipline but produces good results: very low sugar and carbs, lots of salad and protein, combined with intermittent fasting.


Many thanks to all of you who keep in touch and provide support for the work I do.



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Origins. For those of you who are new to these monthly personal updates, they began about 18 years ago out of a desire to share from my personal life about topics of lifeways (faith), health, career, finances, relationships, effective living, and activism. This is based on the life map presented on the Resources For Life website.