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Starting today, I’m going to try having a brief daily update and announcements area on my website. The current title is “Today” and it’s a block of text in the upper right of the page (or just below the home page for people on mobile phones). So, anyone from anywhere can check my website to see what my availability is to get an idea of when I might be available.

Further Reading

In the past, I would update my outgoing phone message daily with news about my availability on any given day.

Many people found this helpful because it would give them some idea of when I might be returning their phone call.  People could know if I was going to be in a workshop all day or in meetings, and unable to return calls until later in the day.

The ability to set an automated “Out of Office” email reply is a similar idea. People writing by email will know if you’re away from the office. This could be used as a vacation message, or just as an immediate “Thanks for writing” reply that might offer links and information the person may have been inquiring about.

Today, with so many methods of communication being used, such as text SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, phone messages, and emails to multiple accounts, there’s no easy centralized way to let people know your availability.

So, posting a message on my website seems like a simple centralized way to accomplish this.

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