Realization: Few things were actually essential

Like others during this global pandemic and the national emergency in America, I’ve been cutting back on non-essential activities and purchases.

In the process, I’ve started to realize that it’s all been kind of non-essential. So much that we’ve been spending our time and money and energy on, even much of the work and business activity has been non-essential.

Now we’re left with staying home reading books, painting, cooking, baking, gardening, composing music, and going for solitary walks in the park. Families are staying home and spending time together; playing board games, sharing meals, laughing. For those continuing to work, they are working from home.

We’re less ‘hurried’ and not so busy. Whatever it was we were doing that we thought was so important suddenly isn’t so important. Stress is relieved.

We’re acting like Scandinavians in our cleaning, scrubbing surfaces, and getting more tidy at home. There’s a city to the north of us that has instituted free public transit. Stores are dedicating special shopping times to focus on serving the elderly. Everyone is home schooling. No longer wasteful, at home people are becoming frugal and conserving on everything to make supplies last.

Somehow, overnight, America has become another country.

Is this how the world will be going forward?

For now, I’m heading out for my daily trail hike to take a few nature photos and reflect on this new world we live in.

# # #


Below, the short film Happiness portrays the world we’ve left behind.

Squire Point Trail Photos (30 Jul 2018)

Here are some photos from my hike today at the Squire Point and Woodpecker Trail area. You can learn more about the area on AllTrails or by viewing the area map provided by  the U.S. Army.

Photos are provided here in 1920×1080 resolution for those wanting to use them as desktop images. Contact me if you’d like a higher resolution image for print or other use.

The camera and settings information is available when scrolling down, except for the ISO setting which I’ve added to the caption. These days I’m using a Canon 6D Mark II with a Canon EF 24–105mm f/4L IS II USM lens.