Personal Update 202404 | 21 Apr 2024


Thanks for taking a moment to read this month’s update. I hope you’re doing well. The photo above shows the gravel road I would ride my bike on to start my daily ride to work from 2003 to 2009. These were the years I was living in a tiny house. The photo was taken on 13 Mar 2024 during some of our warmer days recently.

Lending Library

I have some tech items that I loan out to people who have a short-term need. Laptop computers, printers, a big screen TV, and other items. This service fits well with my tech work.

I’ve recently been building a DVD collection for lending to family, friends, and some of my regular tech clients. The collection is currently at just over 340 titles. I don’t anticipate too much demand since many movies are available from streaming video services. It will be helpful for a few titles that are hard to find. Ask me if you’re interested in learning more.


I continue to expand on the topic reports found on the Resources For Life dot com website. The list can be found on the What’s New Page. Adding incrementally takes very little time since the post and related context are already present.


If you’re interested in the latest tech-related guides and articles I’ve posted, you can visit the Posts Page on the Iowa City Tech website.


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Many thanks to all of you who keep in touch and provide support for the work I do.

Origins. For those of you who are new to these monthly personal updates, they began about 23 years ago out of a desire to share from my personal life about topics of lifeways (faith/philosophy), health, career, finances, relationships, effective living, and public interest efforts. This is based on the Life Map presented on the Resources For Life website. [View]

Photo — Below is a photo taken at Kent Park on 9 Feb 2024 while the lake was still frozen.