Greg Johnson – Monthly Update 201811


Personal Update 201811 | 5 Nov 2018 | Monday


I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for taking a moment to read my November update.


Of everything I share on my website and through social media, photography seems to be a favorite with people. So, I’ve been putting in some extra effort to regularly share featured photos just about every week.

With each vacation, hike, bike ride, or walk I’ll bundle the best photos and share them here AboutGregJohnson/tag/featured-photos. I hope you enjoy them! Photography is a great catalyst and reward to get outdoors and stay active.

I use the photography for websites that I design, and also for printed greeting cards I mail out.


This last month we went to Tahoe, so for one week my workouts were outside the gym – hiking and walking. My total for weight lifting the rest of the month was about 127,000 pounds. I’m back to my regular routine this month.


I’ve shared before about the Koolulam project that brings diverse groups of people together to learn and perform music. On 29 Oct 2018 the group held an event in South Africa in partnership with King David Schools. In 45 minutes, a group of 3,500 strangers learned then performed the song – in English and Zulu – producing this 5 minute video. You can view the video on YouTube.


Many thanks to all of you who keep in touch and provide support for the work I do.



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Origins. For those of you who are new to these monthly personal updates, they began about 18 years ago out of a desire to share from my personal life about topics of lifeways (faith), health, career, finances, relationships, effective living, and activism. This is based on the life map presented on the Resources For Life website.