I write articles on various topics that get posted to different websites. All writings and news are announced through my Twitter feed regardless of topic, along with short musings and Instagram posts.

For topic specific news, visit my topic-centric websites:

Past Writings

For over 10 years, I posted my writings and articles almost exclusively on the ResourcesForLife.com website. These have included social commentaries, product reviews, technical guides, product documentation, and documents on a variety of topics.

However, I have written guest articles for some other websites, such as the Small Living Journal. I’ve also written a book, Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned from Living in 140 Square Feet.

In recent years, I decided to create separate websites focusing on specific topics such as photography, technology, wellness, language, and small houses. This seems to be a more effective way to deliver content since people are usually looking for news and information on a specific topic. I’ll continue posting some articles to the ResourcesForLife.com website, especially those that don’t seem to fit anywhere else, and I’ll probably write more guest articles for other websites. I plan to announce all my writings and other creations here through my personal site.