Greg Johnson at UIOWA

My recent work at the University of Iowa spanned over about 15 years and I continue to work with many people from the University of Iowa community. I’m happy to answer questions and provide any needed support as I’m able. As a tech consultant in the Iowa City area, I get many requests from faculty, staff, and students. As best I can, I direct people to campus resources where available.

My recent 15-year service at the University is described on my employee page reproduced here from the Internet Archive (source). More recently at the University, I worked for the Apple Service Center where I was trained and became certified by Apple to perform authorized repairs.

I returned to full-time consulting in January 2016. So, I’ve transferred the information below to my personal website for anyone still looking for me at the University of Iowa.

The contact information and other details below are no longer relevant. They were current as of December 2015. See my personal contact page for current details.


Information Technology Support Consultant Specialist
Phone: 319-335-2336
Office: 116B PH

Weekday Office Hours.  Standard support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s generally best to schedule an appointment. At the bottom of this page is a list of additional and alternate support options.

Start Here. The Technology Resource Guide provides an excellent overview of campus technology resources. It’s available in PDF form for students and faculty. In addition to the central University IT Services, the Division has a team of technology services specialists.

Primary LMC Responsibilities

  • Audio Learning Lab and Cluster. Providing computer support and ongoing system maintenance of two Linux-based servers and two networked Windows workstation-consoles for instructor use. For questions about using the Lab 100 audio lab software, contact Becky Bohde or Brianna Janssen Sánchez.
  • Equipment Checkout. Maintaining computers and other systems available for checkout from the LMC. (PDF)
  • Media Library & Circulation. Providing computer support and ongoing system maintenance of database server and five client workstations for circulation.
  • Multimedia Development Studio. Responsible for facility oversight, user support, system updates, software upgrades, support document development, and maintenance of all multimedia equipment. This includes assistance with conversion of legacy media formats such as cassette tape or VHS video tapes to digital file formats.
  • Website Content for LMC. Maintaining the Language Media Center website including the posting of videos and related material for division events. Collaborating with Becky Bohde on website management and content posting.

Primary DWLLC Responsibilities

  • Technology purchasing consultation.
  • New equipment receiving and asset management (maintaining Division technology inventory).
  • Setting up new computers and equipment for staff and faculty.
  • Equipment surplus and disposal.
  • Equipment replacement coordination.
  • Printer support and arranging for servicing as needed.
  • Ensuring that administrative and academic computing services are running smoothly.
  • Provide technical consultation for computing and a/v equipment to be used for events.
  • Provide technical consultation and support for data collection and research initiatives.

Other Responsibilities

  • CLASTS. Member of the Technology Services Group within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • SCIT. Representing the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences as a member of the UI SCIT team – the Support Community for Instructional Technology.
  • UI Capture. Serving as the primary support contact for faculty and other members of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences using the UI Capture lecture capture system.

Alternate Support Contacts

In the event that I’m unavailable, you can contact my alternate backup support providers:

Alternate Support Resources

If you need alternative or additional support options beyond those listed on this page, the following resources are available:

  • CLAS Technology Services – The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has a team of technology support specialists who can assist with most technology support needs in the College.
  • DWLLC Staff – The Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures (DWLL) has an exceptional team of support people in the main office (room 111 Phillips Hall). See the Division Resources Page for contact information. Click here for a PDF directory of staff members and service/support areas.
  • International Programs Academic Centers and Programs – If you’re sponsoring an event that might possibly fall under the umbrella of International Programs, it’s possible that you can get assistance with creating high quality graphic design materials for promotion, and assistance with promoting the event.
  • ITS Help Desk – For general questions by phone or email, your support request will be assigned to the person or team best qualified to assist you.
  • LMC Staff – The LMC staff are exceptionally qualified in assising with media, software, ICON, lab systems, web design, and a variety of other services.
  • – Unlimited free access to thousands of courses covering audio production, business skills, CAD, design, software development, computer training, education, marketing, photography, video production, web design, and more.
  • Phone System Guide – Learn about how to program phone features such as call forwarding.
  • SharePoint. ITS provides administrative and user support for SharePoint.
  • SITA Services – Student Instructional Technology Assistants (SITAs) work one-on-one with instructors on projects that enhance instruction with technology.
  • UI Capture – A team of people across campus support the UI Capture / Panopto system. The directory of contacts can help you find the right person for your College. General questions sent to the ITS Help Desk will either be answered directly or forwarded to the appropriate support person.

Awards. In the 2011-2012 academic year, Greg received the Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA).


Interests. Below is a personal note from Greg Johnson.

“I’ve been independently offering computer supportdata recoveryphotography servicestechnology consulting, and web design services over the past 30 years. I also enjoy teaching in these areas of interest, because it expands my own knowledge and empowers others. I’m thankful to be at the University of Iowa where I can apply my experience and skills in a career that I enjoy. While my job is primarily focused on IT support delivered to administrators, staff, and faculty, I enjoy helping grad students and undergrads. If a task promotes academic advancement or furthers the overall mission of the University, I’m happy to help, regardless of what the task is or who I’m serving. I enjoy opportunities that offer inter-departmental collaboration. In my spare time, I like discovering and watching inspiring music videos.” ~ Greg Johnson