My photography falls into a few categories. I mostly enjoy taking nature photos, travel photos, and product photos to be included in reviews of businesses.

Google Maps

Photos of destinations and businesses get posted to Google Maps as general scenic location photos and business photos. As of September 2022, there have been over a million views of these images. [View Google Profile]

Photos Used in Books

Sometimes people ask to use my photos for projects, presentations, websites, and books. People will usually send me copies of books where my work has appeared. I’m very grateful for that. I don’t have room for all the physical books I receive as gifts or for review, so I usually purchase them online as eBooks and add them to my digital library. I then gift the books to libraries or others who can enjoy them. In October 2022, I created this web pages as a place to make a record of books I’ve contributed to.

Lake Tahoe Traffic Congestion

The photo below from 5 Jul 2018, was published in a book about Lake Tahoe by David C. Antonucci. [ Book Info | Author Page ]

The photo itself isn’t a photographic masterpiece, but it illustrated the traffic congestion problem in the Lake Tahoe area during peak tourist season.

Here’s my review of the book as posted on Amazon:

The Lake Tahoe area has some wonderful natural beauty and interesting history. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I was contacted by the author of the book to get permission to use a photo I’d taken, and I was happy to have the photo used to illustrate traffic congestion in the area — figure 56 on page 107 of the printed book. David was kind enough to send me a printed copy of the book. In Aug 2021, I ordered the Kindle eBook version. I really like having eBooks, even for books I already own in printed format. This lets me have my library of favorite books with me everywhere I go. Also, I can adjust font style and size which makes reading easier. Having been through the process of writing and publishing a book myself, I was impressed with the layout, writing style, and organization of this book. It brings together a lot of good research to make it easily accessible and comprehensible. This would be a good textbook for higher education curriculum on environmental issues or urban planning. For this review I’ll share a photo of Lake Tahoe at sunset that I took back in July 2018. It’s an example of the beauty of the area.